Alliance Bank Success Stories

William "Butch" Brown

William "Butch" Brown tells his story of how his friends Steve Harron and Mark Ault helped him find Alliance Bank.Alliance Customer: 10 Years

Friends help friends when the chips are down. But what about banks?

Ask Butch Brown, and he’ll tell you without hesitation that one bank and its management have always stood by him.

“I’ve known Steve Herron and Mark Ault since before they opened Alliance,” recalls Brown. “They’ve always been there for me with support, trust and good advice.”

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Shawn & Marti Leisinger

Shawn and Marti Leisinger discuss how they moved to Alliance Bank.Alliance Customers: 5 Years

It was a fluke that sent Shawn and Marti Leisinger to Alliance Bank—but it was the luckiest fluke ever.

The Leisingers were trying to cash a cashier’s check from a real estate sale at the bank that they had been with for many years, but that bank treated them like strangers and put miles of red tape between the couple and their money.

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Diana Doak

Diana Doak talks about how her move to Alliance Bank.Alliance Customer: 5 Years

For over 50 years, Diana's parents kept their money at the same bank. When her dad passed away, Diana needed to move her mom, and the bank account, a little closer to Topeka. The question was, which bank?

“The lawyer gave us a list of options,” says Diana, “so we checked out Alliance. As soon as mom walked in, she said it felt like home.”

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Terry & Judy Kimes

Terry and Judy Kimes Success Story at Alliance Bank.Alliance Customers: 4 Years

Terry and Judy Kimes were destined to bank at Alliance. After all, they’d known the principles long before the bank ever opened its doors.

When Terry worked at his CPA firm, Mark Ault (working at his former bank) was the firm’s loan officer.

“When Judy and I retired,” says Kimes, “ it was time to reallocate our portfolio. Once I had the freedom to move my money, Alliance Bank was the first place I thought of.”

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Jim Kuhn

Jim Kuhn, the first commercial customer at Alliance Bank.Alliance Customer: 11 Years

If Alliance Bank had framed the first dollar bill ever deposited, it would probably have Jim Kuhn’s name on it.

Kuhn was the bank’s first commercial customer, and considers Steve, Mark and Jeff “old friends.”

“I knew them at their previous bank, and was happy to follow them when they opened Alliance,” says Kuhn. “They put their faith in me when I was ready to start something new…that meant a lot.”

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Dawn Yarnell

Mark Ault visiting with Dawn Yarnell at Alliance Bank. Alliance Customer: 10 Years

On a whim, Dawn Yarnell turned right instead of going straight. It was her best move ever.

“I wasn’t happy with the current bank I used,” recalls Yarnell. “I was driving down Wanamaker and saw this trailer with a new bank sign on it, so I stopped to grab a brochure.”

Back in 1998, the little trailer was Alliance’s temporary home while the actual building was under construction.

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Greg Gathers

Greg Gathers talks about his success with Alliance Bank and his business.Alliance Customer: 11 Years

He was just a kid in college, but Greg Gathers had a very grownup plan. He wanted to become the most successful tree care company in Topeka, and then, in the country.

Gathers visited a few banks to seek help for his new venture, but none took him seriously. Until he stopped at Alliance.

“The executives at Alliance really listened to me and my ideas,” recalls Gathers, “I was on a first-name basis with the president right from the start.”

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