Alliance Bank Success Stories

Shawn and Marti Leisinger discuss how they moved to Alliance Bank.Alliance Customers: 5 Years

It was a fluke that sent Shawn and Marti Leisinger to Alliance Bank—but it was the luckiest fluke ever.

The Leisingers were trying to cash a cashier’s check from a real estate sale at the bank that they had been with for many years, but that bank treated them like strangers and put miles of red tape between the couple and their money.

“We were driving home from that bad experience and happened to see the Alliance Bank sign,” recalls Shawn. “It looked friendly from the outside, so we decided to stop and see if they could help us.”

Inside, they were greeted like old friends, and the Leisingers were impressed that “no one was hidden behind dark glass or closed doors.”

“It felt like Alliance said ‘yes’ to everything we asked,” says Shawn. “We opened an account that day, and then went back to our old bank and transferred everything else.”

Recently, Alliance came through like a true friend when the Leisingers needed them most.

“My wife, Marti’s mom became seriously ill out of state and we were in the middle of closing on our new home,” shares Shawn. “Mark Ault stepped in and handled everything in our absence. He dealt with the broker, completed our loan application, arranged the home inspection, and even stayed late for us to sign off on everything. He’s a classy guy with a bank to match.”

Adds Marti Leisinger, “Alliance is so much more than a bank to us. We consider them our friends. It’s just how a bank should be.”

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Main Bank

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Lobby (Open By Appointment)
Weekdays: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Success Stories

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