Alliance Bank Success Stories

Terry and Judy Kimes Success Story at Alliance Bank.Alliance Customers: 4 Years

Terry and Judy Kimes were destined to bank at Alliance. After all, they’d known the principles long before the bank ever opened its doors.

When Terry worked at his CPA firm, Mark Ault (working at his former bank) was the firm’s loan officer.

“When Judy and I retired,” says Kimes, “ it was time to reallocate our portfolio. Once I had the freedom to move my money, Alliance Bank was the first place I thought of.”

Kimes’ “whole career was about building personal relationships,” and he could see from the start that relationships were just as important to the staff at Alliance.

“How often can you get right through to the president?” muses Kimes, “You can do that at Alliance. I call for advice, get in the same day, get set up with a new account and I’m done. That’s personal service.”
Insured investments are also important to Kimes, a former CPA.

“The idea of having a conservative portfolio with a solid bank is golden to me,” says Kimes, “and Mark always manages to find a way to boost our interest rates.”

What resonates most about Alliance for Kimes and wife, Judy? To answer that question, Kimes chooses the kind of words people rarely use when describing their bank: “the nice, warm relationship we have with them.”

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